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Appendix III: Original Songs

The original songs mentioned in this text include:

Ed Flinn/Dave Procter/Greg Smith
Allison’s Last Summer Greg Smith
Amaretta Greg Smith
Autumn’s Song Greg Smith
Baby, Baby Greg Smith/Dave Procter
Ballet from a Fire Tower Harry Hussey
Bandit Sally
Greg Smith
Because of You
Melissa Janicke
Black Rose Blues
Tom May (?)
Breakback Station
Dave Procter
Bridges Greg Smith/Alan Freedman
Captain Eddy  Dave Procter/Greg Smith
Caspian Sea Waltz Tom May
Charmer Harry Hussey/Audrey Ludemann
Confusion to the French Greg Smith/Tom May
Cows Phil See
Dance in the Fountain of Life Harry Hussey
Decline & Fall
Harry Hussey
Disbelief Confusion and Lies Tom May
Disco Sally
Greg Smith/Harry Hussey
Don’t Drink the Water
Greg Smith/Dave Procter
Evening My Love Tom May
Flowers on the Rain Bill Galey/Harry Hussey
Geeks Harry Hussey
Goin’ Home Audrey Noyes
Greatest of Legends
Josh Kramer
Green Eyed Women Greg Smith
Honk Your Horn (If You Love Jesus)
How Things Turn Around Tricia Lowery/Harry Hussey
Hunger Moon Greg Smith
I Know Josh Kramer
(I’ll Always) Come Home to You Melissa Janicke
In Somnia Ed Flinn
Invitation to a Dance Greg Smith
It Takes Away the Magic Harry Hussey
Josh’s California Song Josh Kramer
Journey’s End Josh Kramer
Just Before Greg Smith
Just Like a Lady Greg Smith
King of the Sea Greg Smith
Lady of the Blue Original
Little Tumbleweed Tom May
Lonesome Child Holly Saxe
Marisa Greg Smith
Mata Hari Harry Hussey
Mind Your Manors Greg Smith/Melissa Handler/Josh Kramer
Misty Eyes
Greg Smith
Montreal Hotel Room Tricia Lowery/Harry Hussey
Nature’s Daughter Alan Freedman
Night and Day Audrey Noyes
Norm & Jack Harry Hussey
Nothing Left to Go Home To Greg Smith
October Palace Harry Hussey
One of Your Typical Maritime Goodbyes, ‘bout 1880 Greg Smith
Other Worlds Josh Kramer
Harry Hussey
Paradox Melissa Janicke
Past the Headlands Greg Smith
Phases Josh Kramer
Placid Lake Blue Harry Hussey
Prokofiev Jam Group
Rain on the Union Tom May
Rainout Suite Group
Rainy Day Friends Audrey Noyes
Roadside Gardens Harry Hussey/Mark Lebow BM.74.3.BM.D1
Root Canal Ed Flinn
Sail Away Weary Sailor David Procter
Secrets of the Heart Melissa Janicke
Sonora Story Greg Smith/Melissa Janicke
Spanish Dancer Greg Smith
Suite (Sally) Greg Smith
Sunday Dave Procter
Sweet Suspicion
Greg Smith
Take the Detour Melissa Janicke
Taxi Dancer Harry Hussey HH.77.10.O.D1
31 June Greg Smith
Today Dave Procter
Travelin’ Song Greg Smith
Turn of River Melissa Janicke
Unknown Shores Josh Kramer
Untitled Blue Monday Jam from a 12/80 session with Harry/Mark/Alan
We Need Us Josh Kramer
What Can I Say Josh Kramer
Winter’s Prelude Greg Smith
Woman of My Dreams Josh Kramer
You Are Free Harry Hussey
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