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Appendix V: Photo Notations
The photographic documentation of these years is uneven, but in the search for the past I was able to find much more than I expected.
The photographers who did most of the documentation of these early years include:
Russ Bailus
Mike Burns
Ed Flinn
Dave Hopkins
Dave Luty
Dave Procter
Adam Weissman
Martha Wyland

Where I could, I provided dates, usually the year, sometimes the month. The details in the photos were useful in helping date certain events and identify who was where, when. Where possible, the photos are in sequence. Sometimes the numbers in the fourth reference have gaps. These reference missing photos/slides. Maybe they’ll turn up someday.

To sort the photos and documents, I used the following naming convention:
The first reference is the group, project or individual:
 AI Airfix
AP Alan Freedman’s 1976 Project
BM Blue Monday
BS Boston
BU Buzzereds
DR Dave’s Room
HH Harry Hussey
HL Headlands (we never formally named that group)
HO Holocaust
KB Kraemer Brothers
NB Noyes & the Boyes
O Other (like the group put together for the Nature's Daughter session)
OG The 7/76, 7/77 Pinkney Groups
P Portraits of principal musicians
PB Patti Buckley
SH Shadowfax
T2 Take Two
TM Tom May
TR Tradewinds
ZR Zirconium Rhythm Section

Second reference is year/month, if either isn't available. We could also have S for spring, etc.

Third reference is the venue:
BS Boston
CC Community Center
CM Camp Mauwehu
DR Dave's Room
FU Fairfield University’s Oak Room
GR Grass Roots
HB Hussey Basement
JJ JJ’s Blues Bar, San Jose
LL Lilac Lane
LR Long Ridge Fire Department 50th Anniversary 9/79
LV Live
O Other
PP Pinkney Park
RQ Requa House
RW Rowayton environs
UC United Church of Rowayton Auditorium
ST Recording Studio (for non-album work done in a studio)
WH Wyland House on Highland Avenue
BR Bridges
OP October Palace
HL Headlands
LE Leftovers & Other Exotic Foods
NS New Shoes

Fourth reference is the individual photo or document in the sequence, e.g. 2P, D2.
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